Bespoke training for hidden advantage ...

Our Corporate Training is aimed at adding new skills to your Team so that they are able to undertake your cross cultural business strategy with confidence and gravitas.

Skills acquisition takes time to grow, so we tailor our training and mentoring methodology to match the skill level of your team and help them take the next leap forward in executing your cross cultural strategy. 

We help your team gain the upskiling they need to succeed in a particular venture with China, or in working long term cross culturally with China.

Our approach will be as bespoke as you wish, ensuring your people are geared for the challenge ahead. 

Our efficient face-to-face training is very popular with both large and small businesses.  And we offer customized in-house training worldwide.

We have worked with companies across the globe to assist them to develop in-house skills to tackle your future business environment, where working cross culturally will be the new normal.  

Confidentiality Assured

I understand the need for absolute corporate confidentiality.  Before engagement, we will put in place agreements and protocols to ensure permanent confidentiality of your corporate strategies and other internal information.