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Working with Chinese in your home country


Whether it is a trade sale to a Chinese entity, formation of a joint venture with Chinese in your home country, or trading with Chinese on an ad hoc basis, success will only be found when you move toward understanding the Chinese mind and they move to understand your mind.

Chinadvisors understand this all too well from our 3 years of operations.  

Our services will help you to understand the Chinese mind and help you to help your Chinese countreport to understand your mind ...

China Business Strategy Development


To develop an effective China Business Strategy, you need to develop knowledge about your new market and will need to develop specific strategies to adapt your offer to the Chinese mind. Entering a China market requires skills and information that is not commonly available or understood.  

Chinadvisors will assist you in your China business strategy design.We have many years of experience in China business environment and will help you benefit from our experience. 

Success in China requires an iron clad vision and a China business strategy consistent with the overall corporate strategy ...

Deal Negotiations


The Chinese, who come from a 3,000 year history that operated effectively until 1999 without the concept of a legally binding and enforceable contract, have a radically different process for reaching agreement and building a successful business together.

Chinadvisors will help you match your expectations with your Chinese counterpart, help you understand the real meaning of their communications and help you design your communications so that they are understood by your Chinese counterpart, and help you all the way to achieve a long term successful business relationship ...

Cultural Risk Mitigation


Chinadvisors employ a culturally intelligent approach to assisting our clients to create cross culturally sensitive work environments in their own organisations.  

We consult and train in creating a work environment that can operate across the Western-China cultural gap.

Chinadvisors provide a solid foundation to overcome the common experiences and challenges that occur when people interact across the Western-China culture gap ...

Executive advice and mentoring


Executives are frequently required to have the flexibility to operate across several cultures. 

Through training, mentoring and advising directly on specific events, Chinadvisors provides cross culture-knowledge and skills that promote a deeper understanding of Western-China business culture differences and how to work successfully through those differences ...

Helping your internal cross cultural teams, to work effectively together


When a team is all from one culture, helping the team achieve optimal efficiency is difficult.  

When a team has a mixture of Western and Chinese cultural backgrounds, it is impossible without specific cross-cultural inputs.

Chinadvisors can provide that input you need to make your cross-cultural teams operate effectively.

We can provide that training, mentoring and skills you need ...

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